steer empowerment fuels inspiring people who want to make a difference

We are a creative support system for inspiring leaders and social impact organizations. 

We partner with leaders and social change organizations to empower them to use what they've got to become even better at what they do. Together, we develop creative leadership skills, build stronger teams, and implement efficient systems and practices to get organized and get their message out there, loud and clear. 


Rachelle Smalldon is a certified Professional Leadership Coach and non-profit consultant in Vancouver, BC. With a special focus on growing emerging leadership teams and communities, she brings over a decade of experience in training and mentoring leaders and volunteers, developing innovative leadership and team-building programs, and studying personality and communication styles.

Rachelle holds a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and a BA in Communications: Publication Design with an emphasis in Business Administration. Her unique background of leadership, design, communications, and business experience gives her an edge of creativity and professionalism to her work in the non-profit sector.

Rachelle also serves as the Director of Leadership with Keystone Housing Corporation and Foundation.

Rachelle is a certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, a professional assessment for personal and leadership development.


We partner with professional contractors and small businesses whose talents focus on the areas most non-profits help with. Need to create a business plan? Our business strategists can help with that. Need a budget planned? Talk to our finance consultant. Website or app? We've got a web and development team. Want video footage or a film about your cause? We know some professional filmmakers who can help with that.

Our team consists of (but is not limited to):

  • business strategists and financial planners
  • fundraising and development professionals 
  • expert grant writers and non-profit lawyers
  • human resource professionals and consultants
  • creative writers, marketing professionals and designers
  • live-action filmmakers, script-writers, and animators